Creamy One Pot Leek, Green Onion and Crab LEEKGUINI

Ingredients (I went on a trader joe’s spree today FYI) 1 tablespoon olive oil 1.5 teaspoons crushed garlic 2 cubes of TJ’s frozen basil cubes. If you don’t have this on hand, don’t worry, it will still be delicious without it! 4 green onions (with bulbs cut off), sliced thinly 2 leeks (white and green […]

Soy-ed Butter Seared Scallops, Forbidden Rice and Coconut Mint Parisian Carrots!

Soy-ed Butter Seared Scallops, Forbidden Rice and Coconut Mint Parisian Carrots!  Light while decadent, fresh while creamy, tangy and comforting, I could eat this every day of the week if needed.  This dish is pretty much FOOLPROOF, and delicious…and relatively inexpensive AND takes very little time.  Ahhh everything I love in one meal!  There are […]

Marriage Advice from my Mom: Basil Lemondrop Martinis!!!

Some new marriage advice from my mom (and some of the best advice we’ve gotten so far)! Teach Eric how to make you a basil lemon drop martini. While you cant sit lakeside at the cabin on a Friday evening in San Francisco… you can pretend you are back in Minnesota unwinding after a long […]

Bruschetta, my way!!!

Bruschetta is one of those amazingly almost perfect foods (in your words Eric, “its like pizza!”). As much as I love bruschetta, I am picky about several things: 1. The bread needs to be exceptional, hot and carrying it’s weight (or more) in olive oil 2. The tomatoes must also be exceptional and chilled (I […]

Cauliflower and White Truffle Soup!

This recipe combines some of my favorite de-stressing activities including sauteing onions, using my immersion blender, fogging up my kitchen and of course: pouring truffle oil on stuff! Time: 40ish minutes (aprx. one star trek episode) Ingredients: 1 Sweet Yellow Onion of a largish size 2 heads of Cauliflower (med. size) Stock of some sort […]

Pumpkin Enchiladas!

Pumpkin Enchiladas are so easy, healthy and delicious!!!  The secret to these super tasty little guys is replacing traditional tomato based enchilada sauce with seasoned pumpkin puree!  I know, totally genius! As low as $12 for 4 -5 servings. Ingredients: Veggies Pumpkin Puree Mexican Cheese Blend Taco Seasoning Corn Tortillas Cilantro (if you want) There […]

Cheap as @#$% “Lobster” Rolls!

I used to work in Maine as a camp counselor and became obsessed with the lobster (pronounced Lob-Stahhh) rolls…they are a delicacy! My delicacy splurges these days are limited so I created this recipe to help me curb my lobstah cravings. These are cheap as %$%*…I think it only came out to a couple bucks […]

Spring Citrus Olive Chicken with Heavenly Pea Puree and Fresh Herbs

This is the perfect San Francisco summer dish: the citrus, fresh herbs and pea puree celebrate summer flavors and produce, while the dutch oven cooking method creates the hearty meal necessary to ward of frigid July temperatures. You’ll probably need about 2 hours (you don’t need to watch the pot the whole time) and $25 […]