Cheap as @#$% “Lobster” Rolls!

I used to work in Maine as a camp counselor and became obsessed with the lobster (pronounced Lob-Stahhh) rolls…they are a delicacy! My delicacy splurges these days are limited so I created this recipe to help me curb my lobstah cravings. These are cheap as %$%*…I think it only came out to a couple bucks for each HUGE sandwich.

I’ve tried making these several different ways (with & without Mayo, etc) and I’ve found the more simple it is to make it, the better it tastes.

Large French Rolls (Mine came in a 4 pack. I ate one of the rolls before I started cooking…that’s why we only had three rolls 🙂
Two packages of “Imitation Lobster Meat”. I got mine @ whole foods and it was still cheap.
7 TBS Butter
2 or 3 Lemons
1/4 to a 1/2 cup celery or fennel, depending on your flavor preference
2 Tbs fresh, chopped chives
(feel free to add fresh cilantro, basil and mint…I am obsessed with adding fresh herbs to everything including sandwiches).

You can make this Eric! All you have to do is melt the butter (I did mine in the microwave) and gently fold in the imitation lobster meat. I folded mine in too aggressively, which is why the “lobster” meat broke apart and looks like crab. Be gentle with the little guys! Add the chopped celery or fennel.  I prefer fennel but I think you prefer celery. Squeeze as much lemon juice over the mixture as you like. I am heavy handed with acid and I used 3 lemons (you may want to use two). Add the chives, salt and pepper and some dried dill if you want (to taste). Mix it gently and put it in the fridge if you are preparing ahead.

Grill the rolls with a little butter (pronounced but-tahhhh).

Put the “lobster” mixture on the hot, grilled bread. Eat it!!!!

*Leftover alert!

I had a lot of leftover “lobster” mix so I used it to make two other dishes:

~* “Lobster” quesadillas: add fresh cilantro and lime juice to the mixture.  Put in corn tortillas with some cheese (I always keep string cheese on hand for quick quesadillas).  Grill or microwave.  Drink with a margarita!


~*”Lobster” Angel Hair Pasta: Add fresh basil and white wine to the “Lobster” mix. Cook the mix until the alcohol from the wine reduces.  Add the “Lobster” sauce to cooked angel hair pasta. Top with your favorite aged cheese.  Drink with the same wine you added to the mix!

xo Rosie


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